Mumbai: My first ever sailing experience

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Did you know that there’s an enthusiastic group of sailors out on the water in Mumbai out each weekend. Namrata Arora was recently one of them – here’s a few words on her experience:

My first experience sailing was with Discover Sail and it was love at first sight!

Photos from Discover Sailing.


After completing the Level I program, I went out for my first race a couple of weeks ago. Up until that point, I thought races were for only extremely experienced crew members.

The race started with some practice drills and then some circling around waiting for our start time. At 3:30pm, we were off with all the big boats. Being a 26-footer, we were a initially a bit unnerved by being made to start with the 40+ foot boats. But our fears were put to rest by some brilliant thinking from our our skipper Ayesha!


It was exhilarating to see most of the big sailboats in the Mumbai harbor, dashing forward with their fancy spinnakers out in full glory. The weather was perfect and the new friends and company even better! For me, it was a fast paced learning session like no other. It was like seeing my last 12 lessons- and probably the next 12- come together in double speed. All the skills I learned were being displayed and coordinated like a symphony by experienced sailors in front of me. That’s when I knew I was hooked for life.


The second race was even better. I could anticipate more and was less overwhelmed. I was enjoying the experience much more. I was now part of the sailing community at Mumbai Harbor!

Moving forward, Saturdays are for races and Sundays for easy family sails with my 8 year old twin girls, who I hope are part of my team in the future!

According to Discover Sailing India, the organisation aims to make it easy to experience the joys and adventures of sailing and for sailing to be fun, affordable and safe. Discover Sailing India was launched by Ayesha Lobo, Captain of India’s female sailing team and one of Asias top women sailors.

Learn more about Discover Sailing India here

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